Food For Fitness & Scott Baptie presents:
The High Protein Handbooks
Delicious, easy, family-friendly, high protein recipes for people who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen!

"For the last 12 weeks I have cooked nothing but your recipes. We all adore them and I've lost nearly 1 stone, so it's win win!" ~ Shirley

The High Protein Handbook 7
The newest High Protein Handbook is packed with more delicious, family-friendly recipes including Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Meatballs, No Booze Bolognese, Shredded Beef Tacos and many more recipes with all the nutrition info included.
The High Protein Handbook 6
The High Protein Handbook 6: Slow Cooker Selections is the newest High Protein Handbook! Packed with the most popular recipes from the other handbooks that have been re-written for the slow cooker. Favourites like Beef Kheema, St Mary's Chicken & Brazilian Coconut Chicken Curry
The High Protein Handbook 5
The High Protein Handbook 5 is packed with more belters including Spanish Rice With Pork & Chorizo, Filipino Chicken Curry, DIY Fajitas, Beef & Sweet Potato Casserole and many more winners!
The High Protein Handbook 4
The High Protein Handbook 4 is a slow cooker special edition with 30 delicious, high protein recipes made just for the slow cooker or crock pot. There are delicious stews, tasty curries and a variety of chicken, pork and beef dishes.
The High Protein Handbook 3
The High Protein Handbook 3 was just released in August 2017 and it continues to deliver yummy high protein treats. Some of the favourites in this book include One-pan Mexican Beef, Orange Peel Turkey, Piri Piri Chicken & Lebanese Chicken
The High Protein Handbook 2
The eagerly awaited High Protein Handbook 2 delivers another selection of delicious, family-friendly, ridiculously tasty recipes. Highlights include the famous Mexican Lasagne, Brazilian Coconut Curry, Thai Turkey Burgers & Greek Meatballs
The High Protein Handbook 1
The first in the series, this recipe book has 30 high protein winners including the extremely popular Chicken Biryani, Tommy's Turkey Satay, Mango Chicken, Piri Piri Seabass and lots more!
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